My only rule is to show people how beautiful they are.

In the last 20 years I traveled the world from Poland to Patagonia and what I most enjoyed, was watching stories of couples,

their weddings, their love.

It all starts there - your story is what makes all my images come to life.

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So are you engaged and dreaming about elopement or intimate wedding in Mallorca.

You are in the right place, Mallorca is one of most beautiful places to get married or shoot some romantic couple photos. I am here to guide you and to be your personal photographer.

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So thankful

you are here!

Hi there. I am really thankful your are here. It is important for me you get to this point of my website and now I would love to tell you a quick story about me.

I am from Poland and I lived in Chile for about 20 years. Here is where I started my photography work as a professional and as so when I started to be a wedding photographer.

I was lucky to be choosen as the best wedding photographer in Chile in 2018 - 19 and 2020 by Junebug Weddings and as so I was nominee to RangfInder 30 Rising Stars in 2020.

Now I am moving to Mallorca and it is why you are seeing this page. I truly believe in destiny and that living there I can bring a lot of joy to hundreds of couples willing the best possible story about their love.

Please read more about me and how I can be your adventure guide as an Photographer in Mallorca. See you in 2021

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Wieslaw, you don’t only rise above the others for delivering excellent work, but also for your human touch, which makes this experience something much more wonderful."

- Dani & Andi



Love is

Ready to begin?

Let's chat about your dream day.

I am here to help you with the whole process & make it as special as it can be.

Send me a message to begin our adventure.

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Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions

you will make for your wedding day


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Junebug Weddings Best Chile Wedding photographer Wieslaw

Printed editorial photoshoot with Ruben Campos in GQ Latin Américas 2010

Best Chile wedding photographer in Junebug Weddings 2018 - 19 -20

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Printed editorial photoshoot with Ruben Campos in Vogue Latin Américas 2010





We book your date & I shoot your wedding day

Your gallery is delivered.

Let's chat & see if we're a good fit.

Few weeks after I will send you gorgeous online gallery with your photos & your wedding album or prints.

We are really just few steps to start this epic journey together.

We have to chat, video call or have a meetings.

It's essential to know us better and talk about all details of your wedding - This is one of the most important steps.

When your days comes true, I will be there with you and all my energy, smile & creativity to make your photos the most unique I can.

Write me a message. This is our first step.

I would love to hear about you, your story, your wedding plans.

If you still planning I can help getting epic location, talk about lighting, decoration and more.

Once we get in touch we can go through some magic ideas.


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Cata & Juan

He had something that the other ones didn’t show in their pictures... Wieslaw was very kind and answered me very quickly and he always was very attentive, really the best.

He was with me in every moment, I felt he was another family member, I never felt uncomfortable invaded in my privacy. Wieslaw, thanks for your work, your patience and for being so cool!!!

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Daniela & Andrés

Wieslaw, we really want to thank you for your motivation and willingness to join us in a photo session the very next day out of Santiago Chile.

Wieslaw, you don’t only rise above the others for delivering excellent work, but also for your human touch, which makes this experience something much more wonderful.


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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

What your have caught on film is captured forever... It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything